Sons of Granville

a soundscape for life

Acoustic-fusion instrumental band for special events.

You will hear many great performers in our music, but the core remains constant:

Thomas portrait .jpg

Thomas Beckman

Creative Director, Composer, Arranger

Instruments: Viola, Violin

Thomas creates music for a vast array of projects touching on military and naval history, Aboriginal affairs, animal conservation, Canadian poets and artists, space exploration... just to name a few! His portfolio is a never-ending conveyor belt of successively greater and more ambitious works.

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Justin Brown

Executive Producer, Songwriter, Mix Engineer, Audio Editor

Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Baritone Ukulele, Electric Bass, Vocals

Justin engineers solutions, making large projects manageable and simple to deliver. He specializes in the capture of acoustic instruments and ensembles, like the choir he engineered on the Juno-Winning album "Z2"  by Devin Townsend Project.