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Playing acoustic-based instrumental music that’s elegant yet energetic, Sons of Granville is the perfect live band for corporate events.

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Recording with Borealis String Quartet

We assembled today at one of the largest and most beautiful churches in all of Western Canada to record "Tango", Thomas' latest composition. He had a clear vision for this piece, including who we wanted to perform it.

Enter: Borealis String Quartet.

Thomas shares his creative vision with BSQ.

Thomas shares his creative vision with BSQ.

Comprised of two fiddles, a viola and a cello, BSQ mesmerized us for 2 hours while we captured numerous variations of the piece, which clocks in just under 4 minutes. Videographer Darko Sikman joined the session for some behind-the-scenes footage to support the upcoming music video.

On the engineering side of things, we stuck to a common formula for string quartets: a stereo pair of microphones about 5 feet in front of the ensemble and an overhead condenser right on top of all the action. Considering the size and echo response of the church, we couldn't resist placing a condenser microphone up in the rafters about 90 feet away.

Church BSQ.jpg

Stay tuned for the "Tango" music video!