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Orchestral music scoring and composition for film, theatre and dance.

Portable Studio Reimagines Orchestral Recording

In the past, I've repeatedly torn down and reset my home studio to accommodate recording in any location. A few months ago I finally started a whole new stash of equipment, setting my sights on the ultimate portable studio for recording ensembles and orchestras.


Using a pelican case, a souped-up MacBook, a recording interface with no bells or whistles, a collection of microphones and a few secret handshakes, it even works in the middle of nowhere. You can read a more detailed account of it here. Keep an eye on this space as Thomas and I venture out to some strange locations :)

This is an excerpt from the portable studio's first run. It's performed by Thomas with double-bassist Megan Bradfield and bassoonist Carrie To. They recorded on the night before their Pyatt Hall performance March 22nd at the 2018 Sonic Boom Festival. Thomas composed this piece for the "Caulfield in the Cape" suite, a South-African and multi-cultural collaboration with wheels in motion for 2019.