Sons of Granville

instrumental band

Playing acoustic-based instrumental music that’s elegant yet energetic, Sons of Granville is the perfect live band for corporate events.

Enter the World of Woodwinds

As soon as Alvin arrived at the studio, he unpacked all of his flutes and laid them out for us to examine, then obliged our curiosity to audition the different sounds and perhaps spark our creativity. With names like the fue, the shakuhachi and the tang-khan, we hardly knew what to expect from these beautiful instruments.

We first opted for the mid-octave shakuhachi. From the moment he began to play his trademark style of expressive flourishes, it animated and humanized the steady orchestral drone. We had to restrain ourselves from using it everywhere because the sound was so instantly gratifying.

Nature Music session.jpeg

One of the session highlights would have to be the extreme "animal sounds" that Alvin accomplished on the fue, the highest-pitched instrument in his arsenal.

We are thrilled to share this music with everyone- but it's not time just yet!

Stay tuned...