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Canada's 150th Anniversary: A Musical Premiere

Celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary, SOG’s creative director and composer, Thomas Beckman was commissioned by the Post Modern Camerata to write a new concert piece. This upcoming Saturday and Sunday, the PMC will premiere Thomas’ new work ‘Pandora’s Clock’ alongside three other new Canadian works by composers Rita Ueda, John Cole and Jeffrey Ryan, at the Orpheum Annex starting from 7:00pm. Alexandra Hill, an integral singer and co-director of PMC fashioned a series of behind-the-scenes episodes on each composer in anticipation of the concert series that seeks to promote and share some of Canada’s own. Watch the video to the get scoop on SOG’s latest classical piece >

On Sunday, the 28th, Sons of Granville will also join the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network for the premiere of their second documentary ‘Promising Practices in Timiskaming First Nation,’ as part of a series of dramatic and educational films to help promote awareness around health issues that affect the country’s interior First Nation’s community. In the trailer, SOG's latest soundtrack can be heard. The premiere starts at 12:30pm at the Rio theatre, kicked off by a brief performance by Thomas, followed by the Medicine Stones. For more info, go here >