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'Promising Practices'

At the beginning of the year we sat down with director of CAAN, Merv Thomas and 'Promising Practices' co-director Jason Lawrence to discuss the film’s musical treatment which included a new song by Jason, entitled 'No Shame.’ Production for 'No Shame' drew upon a diverse group of musicians to tell its story: a plea to debunk the stigmatization of HIV/AIDS and to unify communities living in the Sturgeon Lake and Ahtahkakoop First Nations territories. For strings we hired VSO cellist Ariel Barnes and Sons’ own violist, Thomas Beckman. This achieved both a warm and authentic acoustical edge. On drums, Jarrett Plett provided back beat and Chris Couto filled in with taps on djembe. Passionate vocals were provided by Jason Lawrence. 

Luke Kim on cello provided important string parts for the 'Promising Practices' score. 

Luke Kim on cello provided important string parts for the 'Promising Practices' score. 

By mid July we had finished the song and were underway with the score itself. At every stage we remained cognizant of the film’s highly dynamic and emotional theme. The idea was to supply a thoughtful narrative beneath the various interviews and testimonies that comprised the film, a musical narrative that would lament with characters enveloped in the recovery of their lives, but that would also offer hope and encouragement for the future. In this manner, the music drew heavily upon the message of the film, something Merv described in his recent interview with the Saskatoon Phoenix Star as ‘positive and uplifting.’ 

In the end, an improvisational and spontaneous approach gave rise to an emotionally driven yet diversely sounding score, that proved extremely efficient and economical for everyone. To learn more about the film itself, go here>