Sons of Granville

a soundscape for life

Playing acoustic-based instrumental music that’s elegant yet energetic, Sons of Granville is the perfect live band for corporate events.

Sons of Granville earned three consecutive podiums in Georgia Straight's annual Best of Vancouver edition with a signature instrumental style featuring viola, guitar and cajon. Shades of romanticism and modern fusion mix with lively world-beat rhythms, the perfect blend of elegance and excitement for corporate events, staff parties, weddings and other special celebrations.


Sons of Granville formed in 2010 as a busking duo on the streets of Vancouver. Featuring theatrical performances on viola and guitar, two virtuosos exchanged fire over rhythmic and harmonic forms that would invariably give way to a lot of excitement and unpredictability.

In 2011 they released their self-titled debut and made their first of three consecutive “Best of Vancouver” appearances as voted by the readers of Georgia Straight. The band then added percussion as they continued building a reputation for crazy street shows.

Through 2012 and 2013 the band was a staple of Vancouver’s entertainment district as large crowds gathered to catch their unbridled theatrics and share videos with friends. They played at the 2013 & 2014 Vancouver Spring Show and the Squamish Music Festival.

Sons of Granville released the Imperative Drive LP in 2014 as a farewell to their busking roots.

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