Sons of Granville

a soundtrack for life

Orchestral music scoring and composition for film, theatre and dance.

T n J

We score and record orchestral music for feature-length films, as well as for theatre productions, dance shows and other multimedia presentations. While the industry continues to shift away from live musicianship, we highlight authentic performance by enlisting world-class instrumentalists and ensembles. Our recording studio is a growing hub showcasing Vancouver's orchestral talent and diversity.

Starting out as an instrumental busking band in Vancouver's entertainment district, we gained a reputation for showmanship with our theatrical performances, including 3 consecutive podium appearances in Georgia Straight's annual "Best of Vancouver" contest.

After the release of our final street album "Imperative Drive", we bid adieu to the busking life and shifted our sights to the studio.

We have now scored, arranged, edited, mixed and produced over a dozen film projects. Some of these have won international prizes and earned critical acclaim, while others continue to gain momentum from international film festivals.