Sons of Granville

a soundtrack for life

A small team with a big sound and an endless well of creativity. 

Before we started recording movie music, we had already been playing together for years. From 2010 to 2014 Sons of Granville busked in the middle of Vancouver's entertainment district, greeting pedestrians with 'epic folk rock' until they had no choice but to vote us into the Straight's "Best of Vancouver" listing for three straight years! To top it all off, we won a $10,000 grant for a documentary to coincide with the release of our last street album "Imperative Drive". 

As we shifted to the studio, we gravitated to our natural roles: Thomas as a composer, Jarrett as a percussion system specialist, and myself as a producer. 

On paper, this production team has much to offer:

Composer with a Masters Degree in Performance? Check.

Engineering credits on Juno-winning projects? Check.

Band with literal "street-cred"? Check.

But when we enter any commercial studio, grand hall or makeshift recording space, we gain more from our chemistry than from our technical credentials, proving to us that the real magic lives in the moment.

- Justin